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Category: Life

Update of sorts

Hello again! I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging again, but just felt so tongue-tied. So I thought I’d start with something simple – a weekly update of stuff I found interesting in the week.

  • This week I discovered the Chat 10 Looks 3 podcast. Actually, I heard about it a while ago, but only just listened for the first time this week. I love it! Very funny and intelligent. I’ve been working my way through the episodes since. The podcast is created by Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales (for those who don’t know, Annabel Crabb is a political journalist, and Leigh Sales anchors the 730 program on the ABC). Annabel and Leigh chat about books, movies, the internet and the news – topics close to my heart.
  • This year marks 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music (as I discovered through the aforementioned podcast). Vanity Fair caught up with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.
  • The ABC has produced a three-part series of articles on the front lines workers in the fight against domestic violence. It’s sad, but was quite an eye-opener, worth a read.

Current reading: The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro. Quite enjoying it so far. It’s about an elderly couple in medieval Britain making a journey to see their son, but there’s a mist covering the whole land that’s making people forget their past memories. I’ll report back later, if I remember :)

Waste not

I recently threw out about 10kg of expired stuff from my kitchen pantry. That was a sobering experience. I kept thinking, how did it come to this?! Turns out the expired stuff come into the following categories:

  • Stuff that I bought when they were cheap: vitamins, hot chocolate powder, instant coffee sachets, baking chocolate.
  • Stuff I thought I’d like to try to cook with one day: kluwek, century eggs, various jars of spices, ready-made frosting, hundreds & thousands, cake sprinkles, agar-agar sachets.
  • Stuff I used a little of, but then didn’t use again until they expired: sushi rice, arborio rice, muesli, potato flour, wholemeal flour, brown sugar, gelatine, baking powder, palm sugar, desiccated coconut. Sad to say, various fruits and vegetables came under this category as well as I failed to use them up before they’re too far gone.

So! I shall try to resist the temptation to overbuy when something is on special, buy only what I realistically will use in a timely manner. And perhaps just do baking from ready-prepared packets instead of stocking up on baking supplies. Or do baking more often, hmm.

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